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Test Bank for Financial Accounting 3rd Edition by Kemp

Test Bank for Financial Accounting 3rd Edition by Kemp

Product description

Understanding financial accounting as the language of business.

Once students see that accounting is the language of business, they are on their way to academic and professional success. Financial Accounting, Third Edition translates the essentials of accounting, so you can understand why and when financially sound decisions are made in business today.

Teaching and Learning Experience

This program presents a better teaching and learning experience. Financial Accounting, Third Edition will:

  • Personalize learning with MyAccountingLab: MyAccountingLab provides you with a rich and flexible set of course materials, along with course-management tools.
  • Create a clear learning path: You are able to acquire, understand, and retain important information by completing exercises, learning key terms, participating in discussion questions, following critical thinking activities and more.
  • Present fundamental accounting principles by using current real-world examples: Up-to-date information prepares you for working in their field.
  • Illustrate tough concepts using visuals: The text presents the connection between accounting equations and big picture concepts by using striking visuals.

Table of contents

1. Business, Accounting, and You
2 Analyzing and Recording Business Transactions
3. Adjusting and Closing Entries
4. Accounting for a Merchandising Business
5. Inventory
6. The Challenges of Accounting: Standards, Internal Control, Audits, Fraud, and Ethics
7. Cash and Receivables
8. Long-Term and Other Assets
9. Current Liabilities and Long-Term Debt
10. Corporations: Paid-In Capital and Retained Earnings
11. The Statement of Cash Flows
12. Financial Statement Analysis
Appendix A Columbia Sportswear Company 2012 Annual Report to Shareholders
Appendix B Time Value of Money–Future and Present Value Concepts

Product details

Language: English
ISBN-10: 0133427889
ISBN-13: 978-0133427882          9780133427882

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Test Bank for Financial Accounting 3rd Edition by Kemp